• Spaniels by Nick Ridley
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The companion volume to Nick Ridleys highly-acclaimed book on Labradors, this volume contains stunning photographs which capture the exuberance of spaniels, which is hard to match in the canine world. Nick Ridley has been photographing dogs for over 25 years and he openly admits spaniels are amongst his favourite breed of dog to photograph. Whether they are working in the shooting field or simply relaxing after a hard days work or making their owners laugh they are the perfect subject to capture on film. This book is a pictorial record of the amazing versatility of the spaniel, in fact it is a tribute to a truly adaptable breed of dog. Springer and Cocker spaniels were originally bred to hunt, flush and retrieve game, however, in recent years they have turned their paws to other highly skilled activities - man has trained them to work as Hearing Dogs for Deaf people, and to hunt out explosives and drugs; and in recent years they have remarkably even been trained to detect cancer cells in human urine
Nick Ridley has been involved in photography for over 25 years and this experience, coupled with a lifetime of being around working dogs gives him an undeniable edge when photographing our canine companions.


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