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Two layered, reversible towelling: like a luxurious bathrobe this coat can be used both to dry and to keep your dog warm; and can also be reversed for use on a second occasion in a single day's activities

The reversible towelling dog coat and the wax cotton/towelling dogcoat are both made using a dark green shade of fabric and the dog coats are retained by a wide band around the dog's girth.


Because of the variation in sizes both between and within breeds, we recommend that you always measure your dog's back before ordering to ensure an individually tailored fit. 

The sizing of our dogcoats represents the distance in inches from the nape of the dog's neck to the base of its tail.


"Don't forget your dog during the cold and wet!"

Just like us, our dogs need to be kept warm and dry, particularly after strenuous activity in inclement weather. Recognising differing weather possibilities our dog coat design is offered in two versions, both of which have a quilted polyester lining for extra warmth. 

A customer's email:
"Just wanted to say that we ordered 2 of your brilliant coats last month and have been really impressed with them. Not only was your delivery service excellent but the products more than live up to their description. 

Our youngest lab is out with my husband beating or picking up almost every day. She gets soaked through in the morning, so the coat dries and warms her ready for the afternoon sessions. At the end of the day she still has a lovely dry warm coat by reversing it. She no longer arrives home shivering and wet through! Our old lab at age 11 still goes out for the odd day so has really benefitted from the coat in warming and drying the old joints! We use it for her whenever she gets wet or cold just out walking and I know they both love wearing them. I really wish that we had bought them years ago.

Loads of our friends have commented on shoots about the coats and we have given your name to several people. Do hope you get some more orders! Many thanks once again"



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