• The Professional Gundog Trainer by Joe Irving
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This book, the long-awaited new gundog training book from best selling author Joe Irving, reveals the techniques used by the professional trainers and enables the individual gundog owner to utilise them for their own training programme. Set out in an easily-accessible A-Z format, the author covers all aspects of gundog training as well as giving advice on field trials, breeding and general care and management of gundogs. This book gives invaluable information which will be of assistance to every gundog owner.
The Author Joe Irving has been training gundogs since acquiring his first Springer Spaniel in 1963. A former child psychiatrist, he discovered that his psychiatric training gave a unique perspective to gundog training. He has used this method to great success since becoming a professional trainer in 1972. He has written several books on gundog training including Training Spaniels (Swan Hill Press) and Gundogs: Their Learning Chain (Swan Hill Press).


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