• The NOB's Guide to Beating and Picking Up
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A totally revised and updated guide to the initiation and management of successful 'picking up' in the field.  It gives advice on choosing a suitable dog, the options available for training and the different environments the dog may have to work on, such as grouse moors, pheasant shoots and rough shoots.  It also gives a useful insight into what shoot managers actually expect from their pickers-up.

The Author
Veronica Heath owned her first gundog, a Springer Spaniel, over thirty years ago and has been picking up at pheasant shoots and grouse moors every season since then.  She currently works two Labradors.  She has been Country Diarist for the Northumberland region for The Guardian for 17 years and is also the author of numerous books and articles on horses, dogs and related fieldsports.

 "Veronica Heath has been picking up on various shoots for more than 30 years... her range and depth of her experience has now been distilled in this practical step-by-step guide... and discusses that most vital element on the shooting mix, the relationship between beaters, pickers up and guns".  CLA Land & Business
"The book deals in common sense and good detail with all the scenarios likely to be faced, from the covert to the moor, and manages to be the literary equivalent of its subject - thoroughly rewarding".  Shooting Gazette
"The NOB's Guide to Beating and Picking Up is an invaluable guide to the initiation and management of successful 'picking up'in the field."  British Farmer & Grower
"If you're trying to think of a Christmas gift for that special beater or picker up in your life then look no further than the new NOBs Guide for Beating and Picking Up by Veronica Heath."  Sporting Shooter
"A short practical guide that is comprehensive yet easy to follow.  Veronica Heath's new book is a fantastic guide for anyone interested in this aspect of shooting, providing all the necessary information to get started, as well as tips for those already initiated to perfect their technique.  The guide is well written in short chapters, covering everything from etiquette in the field to finding the right dog'.  Shooting Times


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